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Why Social Media Is An Essential Part Of Your Business Plan

Oct 07

This is a thought that is always in my head – “Social Media is not one channel – it’s multichannel” And a little bit of me dies when a start-up business says they’re going to market their new business via Social Media And let me explain, because you wouldn’t expect that coming from a Social Media business A little bit of me...

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5 Ways To Use Periscope For Business

Oct 06

If you’ve logged into Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook over the past few months, you can’t help but have noticed the words Periscope and Meerkat popping up from marketeers like myself Periscope’s tagline is “Explore the world through someone else’s eyes” and Meerkat describes itself as “the easiest and most powerful way for...

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Why You Should Learn To Love Your Finances

Sep 21

If you want to grow your business, you really need to learn to love your finances Finances are something that far too many small businesses see as something they look at once a year when they fill in the tax return If you simply view your financials and accounts as a tax return you can understand why people view finances with fear, trepidation and disdain But if you...

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