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Is the Busiest Period Of The Year The Best Time To Market Your Business?

Nov 28

At the time we’re writing this blog it’s coming up to the busy festive period for many of our retail and restaurant clients Every business has that one time of the year when they’re busy – accountants and gyms in January, sportwear as it starts to get warmer, city centre letting agents in July / August as they arrange student accomodation and...

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A Month In The Life Of A Social Media Company – November 2014

Nov 26

November for us, like any business, is a time of reflection – to look at our business model and work on the business development for next year The end of the year is also one of our busiest periods as businesses reflect on the last 11 months and then realise how much more they need to make of social media for business COLLABORATION FOR STARTUP BUSINESSES We...

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What To Do When The “New” Opening Buzz Wears Off?

Nov 16

We talked last week about the 4 Classic Social Media Fails and how so often start up businesses can get it wrong when it comes to launching a business via Social Media Marketing But what happens if you have a great business, people like you and the buzz wears off simply because you’re no longer the new shiny thing. You know – that time when friends and...

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