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What To Do When The “New” Opening Buzz Wears Off?

Nov 16

We talked last week about the 4 Classic Social Media Fails and how so often start up businesses can get it wrong when it comes to launching a business via Social Media Marketing But what happens if you have a great business, people like you and the buzz wears off simply because you’re no longer the new shiny thing. You know – that time when friends and...

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Social Media – What Next After The Big 3?

Nov 14

So often when we talk about Social Media Platforms it’s about the big 3 – Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook Occasionally a dialogue will start about the pros and cons of Google+, but in the main it’s about the Big 3 But what else should you be looking at as part of your Social Media arsenal and how can you use these platforms to boost your...

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Classic Social Media Marketing Fails For Startup Businesses

Nov 09

In my hometown I see a lot of Startup Businesses open … and like many towns I see a lot closing less than a year later The official business failure statistics vary depending on which report you read but range from Theo Paphitis stating “50% of all small businesses fail in the first couple of years” to figures as high as “eight out of 10...

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