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How Social Media Changed My Life In Retirement

Nov 16

I think I’m addicted to social media – At least that’s what my nearest and dearest tell me! My husband says he always have to talk to me over the lid of a laptop or tablet, but when he wants some titbit of information he encourages me to get on my computer thingy to see what I can find out. He is 57 and doesn’t engage with social media independently...

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Top Five Regrets Of A Dying Business

Nov 09

We often talk about the Regrets Of The Dying – all the things people wish they’d done differently and wish they could change What we talk about less often is the Regrets Of The Dying Business – the things the business owner wished they’d done different and wished they could change And Small Businesses die all the time – More than half...

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7 Mistakes To Avoid When Leaping From Employment To Running Your Own Business

Nov 06

When you think of a small business owner, it’s often easy to think of them as being born to do it You’ve all read the stories of successful business owners that started up a business at 13 years old in the school playground or on a market stall The journey for a lot of small business owners can often be one of redundancy, being depressed from their 9-5...

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