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A Month In The Life Of A Social Media Company – August 2014

Sep 02

  August is supposed to be the quiet month – the month where businesses take a break from networking, put their heads down and spend time working on their business rather than in their business At Altrincham HQ we do things a bit differently and August this year actually ended up being one of our busiest months of 2014 so far To put some numbers on that so...

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Winning Business In A Competitive World

Aug 31

“How do you Win Business In A Competitive World?” is the question that’s being asked at my next speaking gig It’s a big question, but one that starts with the basics of research and marketing and is something that needs revising on a regular basis Here are 5 Tips So That You Can Win More Business 1. DEFINE YOUR CUSTOMERS AND IMPORTANTLY LOOK...

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Social Media For Street Food Businesses – Pitta Crepe Altrincham Case Study

Aug 24

At Altrincham HQ we work with a lot of foodie businesses and restaurants and 3 Trends have dominated the past few years – Street Food, Gormet Burgers and more recently, it’s the turn of Gormet (Hot) Dogs Pitta Crepe are a businesses that have been in Altrincham for the past 3 years and they stand out not just because they are the only Street Food...

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