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Why You Need To Start Taking Social Media Seriously Today (Rather Than Tomorrow)

Jun 05

Is your business future proof? Are you reaching your full potential on Social Media? What happens if you’re just dabbling with Social Media rather than taking it seriously? Social Media is far from a fad – LinkedIn launched in 2003 – and gained traction in 2006 – Facebook – open to the public since 2006 – Twitter was created in...

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Why Social Media Training Is Important For Your Business

May 27

I fundamentally believe in any business, there are 2 options when it comes to approaching things that aren’t within your skill set * You outsource to an expert * You get training so you add another string to your bow There are so many small business owners in the UK awarding themselves the role of Marketing Director for their own small business when they have...

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Social Media, Holidays, Stress and the Fear Of Missing Out

May 26

Social Media is stressful … there I said it – and that’s from somebody who works in Social Media and spends 24/7 on Social Media Many small businesses outsource their social media to Altrincham HQ as they simply can’t cope with always being present on Social Media What if I don’t respond in time? What if I don’t post enough? What...

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