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2019 is 10 Years Of Altrincham HQ and last night we had the 1st of 10 Events to celebrate our special year

And what better way to start it off than the Big Altrincham Social

The Big Altrincham Social was ambitious from the outset – the name itself meant it was either going to be a glorious success or spectacular failure. It was all or nothing. Do or Die

And within 5 minutes of doors opening we knew it was going to be a glorious success

The atmosphere was buzzing like only a Manchester Bee can buzz and here is what made it special

Here is what people were saying about the event

“I’ve never been networking before, but this felt different”

When I gave our designers Altrincham Design Studio the brief for this event the brief was very clear – I want the poster to look like an amazing nightclub in Manchester rather than a networking event

So there were no images of shaking hands, swapping business cards, people sat at tables or old men in suits

The very 1st person who walked through the doors told us the reason they’d decided to come was that traditional networking intimidated them and they when they saw the poster it just felt different

They’d even brought a neighbour and then found a friend from the school gates had came

Many of the people who attended felt it was a great introduction to simply meeting other businesses and escape the loneliness of working at home or working remotely

“It’s more than just business, it’s about the community”

The best networking events are where it’s not strictly business

Of course business gets done, business gets passed and business is the common thread that all brings us all together for one big event

But one attendee commented how it was “more than just business, it’s about the community” and went on to say how many people in the room have played their own part in Altrincham’s success

I think sometimes the image from the outside of people running businesses is that they’re all money hungry mercenaries who can’t wait to get home and line in a bed naked throwing around £50 notes

Those who run small businesses know it’s really about community and friendship and so many of the volunteers who have helped Altrincham revive and grow are small businesses that you don’t see when the TV channels and media come to town

The Big Altrincham Social Girls  

“I’ve never been here before” / “I haven’t been here since it was Jaspers”

Our 10 events this year are a chance to share the love around town and show that there is more to Altrincham than a market

For our 1st event of the year we wanted to shine a light on Kings Court which doesn’t always get the spotlight it deserves

When the venue got upgraded from the back of the Cheshire Tap to The Ivy League it gave us a change to show a new venue off to new people

So many of the comments throughout the night were “I’ve never been here before” / “I haven’t been here since it was Jaspers” and we even had one guy that we will refer to as “Son Of Jaspers” forever more as his mum used to own and manage Jaspers back in the day

“I had a lovely time and met lots of new friendly faces”

I see so many photos of networking events where the audience needs something in the water because the speaker is sending the audience to sleep – it puts me off ever attending

That people can come to an networking event and meet lots of friendly new faces is important

We want these bubbly, friendly characters to go out and be our ambassadors and become the new friendly face of networking

When you choose to come to a networking event you will never get that time back, so let’s make it a happy place

After all – the reason many set up their own business is because they feel better about working for themselves (even with all the stress that comes) than working for someone else

Big Altrincham Social Platinum IFS  
“I’ve never met you, but I feel like I know you”

And this is the importance of linking Social Media with Face 2 Face events like this

Social Media opens doors to let people into your world

I’ve networked for around 8 years and even I hadn’t met maybe 50-60% of the attendees at the Big Altrincham Social before the night – but so many people came over and said I really feel like I know you

They knew that i’d just done Parkrun that I dine out a lot, that I love rock & roll and I’m Mr Positive about Altrincham

If people feel they know you before meeting you – then that’s an easy ice breaker at an event

Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there online – great things happen when social media meets real life

Big Altrincham Social Cheshire Tap  Big Altrincham Social Cheshire Tap


2019 is 10 years of Altrincham HQ and this was our 1st of 10 events this year

Some might simply know us for breaking news in Altrincham

Others might know us for our Social Media Training and Management services – I don’t like to be too salesly, but you saw tonight what is possible via social media. The event speaks for itself!!!


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