Altrincham HQ Small Business Of The Year Award 2013

Altrincham HQ were crowned proud winners at the Altrincham & Sale Chamber of Commerce Business Awards last night where we won the Small Business Of The Year Award

The Awards Ceremony took place at the Cresta Court and was hosted by Gordon Burns (North West Tonight … or the Krypton Factor for those as old as us)

The Small Business Of The Year Award was sponsored by local law firm Slater Heelis

If we’d have made a speech it would have sounded something like this….

“Last year a web design company won the Small Business Of The Year Award. This year a Social Media company won the Small Business Of Year Award.

It’s important that the Chamber of Commerce has recognised the ever changing business landscape and it delivers an important message – Small Businesses MUST go Digital

Altrincham HQ first started tweeting about Altrincham in Sept 2009 and are widely recognised as the first of the community based tweeters of which many have followed since

Every single day 5000+ local residents & businesses read our tweets and more on facebook and linkedin

Since November 2010, Altrincham HQ has developed as a successful business and worked with hundreds of local businesses either training businesses to use social media effectively or via management of their Social Media accounts

Covering the whole of Altrincham from Broadheath Bridge to Lymm Roundabout and working with businesses on every major road in Altrincham – the chances of you not using the services of restaurants, retail and B2B Professionals we have worked with in Altrincham are slim to zero

More recently our services have been in demand from businesses in Knutsford, Wilmslow and Chorlton and just this month we have started working with our first international client

Social Media is a powerful force for both business and the local community”

For more info on the services we provide please click here 

Altrincham Sale Business Awards Winners 2013

Altrincham Sale Small Business Of The Year Award 2013



4 responses to “Altrincham HQ – Small Business Of The Year 2013 Winners”

  1. Avatar Gareth M says:

    Congrats again, mate – richly deserved! Always difficult starting up a biz from scratch, particularly in the online marketing space – you’ve clearly received a positive reception though.

    • Alex Alex says:

      Thanks Gareth

      Much appreciated

      As it’s been a web designer and now Social Media, could it be your year next – SEO or app developer would make it an online trio of winners

  2. […] October as many of you will have seen was a happy month for us – Altrincham HQ celebrated at our 1st ever Awards Ceromony at the Altrincham & Sale Business Awards organised by the Chamber of Commerce. You can read about our Small Business Of The Year win by clicking here […]

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