You might have noticed Linkedin Endorsement notifications cropping up on your email in the last 24 hours

In fact I recieved 4 this morning – but it raises more questions than it does benefits in my opinion

Recommendations are weighty – there’s lots of value in Linkedin recommendations, in that if given the right way they should recommend somebody you’ve worked with and contracted to do a job

They often give full details of why you employed their servives, what they brought to the table and the benefits received from said service

When I get an enquiry through often the first thing I’ll say is check our linkedin recommendations – chances are you will know a contact who has left one and each of these recommendations feel free to call up and chat further with them about the service you received from us

Endorsements on the other hand – its a click of a button with no substance and no further details about why you endorsed them, which brings the questions

What does an endorsement signify?
In what situation Why should I endorse somebody and not recommend somebody fully?
What if I endorse somebody and then they provide poor service?
Are they any more value than a facebook like?
Do they add or take away from the value of Linkedin

We’d like to know your opinions on the new Linkedin Endorsements – will you be using them? And what do you think qualifies an endorsement?

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3 responses to “Are LinkedIn Endorsements devaluing a great social network?”

  1. Alex,

    I think you are right

    However, there are things about LinkedIn that I take iwth a pinch of salt especially those that link up willy nilly withough any connection for those that they are linking up to, let alone knwoing them. This seems to me to be a bigger bugbear


  2. Alex,

    I see your point it is getting too cheap to give the skills endorsements although most welcome of they are for me

    It is devaluing LI rather than helping users discern that calibre of professionals


  3. Avatar Freddie says:

    It’s a valid point you make but given it is very early on, I’m going to wait and see what positives or negatives come about as a result. The principle I think is good, but I do question whether they can ever contribute quite as positively as a recommendation.
    Excellent, thought provoking blog post. Thank you.

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