The Window Co - Sign

The Window Co – Sign

Why you can’t just depend on one type of marketing. “But twitter is a good starting point”

Our first big order from twitter came via a blog we did for Altrincham HQ, in which we then wrote a blog about how it came about. You can read the blog “A few tweets and a bit of networking with the right people and a sale of £5500” here, this is a bit of a follow up to it really.

Every house where we fit windows we try & erect an estate agent like Installation board, you may have seen them dotted around Trafford?

The customer of the £5500 job in question was kind enough to let us put one in his front garden. You would be surprised how much work we get from these, the fitters hate putting them up for some reason, can’t see why? They’ve just fitted complicated windows doors or a conservatory & they moan about hammering a post in the ground “Window fitters” that’s a different story!

So, we get a call from a customer who has seen a sign outside this job & wants a quotation, they took a picture of the sign on there mobile phone took our details & checked out our website. Even before I called round to quote the job they had already seen a job we’ve fitted, known we’ve done work in the area & have checked out our website & twitter.

Obviously this was a no nonsense quotation, gave them the quote for £4700 & they accepted. They had already done all their research without actually putting any effort in.

We are proud of the work we do that’s why we tweet, blog, put signs up & post pictures of our jobs on twitter. Another customer told me that was one of the reasons they ended up going with us because of how open we were compared to the rest.

So from that original blog I did for Alex about Altrincham, a couple of sign boards & some quality workmanship has pulled in £10,200 with no expensive advertising.

I’m not saying just concentrate on Twitter, but if you’re a new business starting out its the first place you want to start…or…on the other hand if your a long established company like ourselves it’s the something that can really add to your bottom line.


  • Original £5500 order via twitter following Social Media Training
  • Integrated Offline Marketing from said order generated additional £4700 order
  • Total order generated from this total £10,200
  • Cost of Social Media training – just £150
  • ROI – Invaluable

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