Facebook Training – Manchester

Facebook Training – Manchester

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Our 121 Facebook Training in Manchester and Cheshire allows businesses to buck the trends of dropping organic reach, target their advertising to the right market and use Facebook to it’s full potential

* Facebook has 2.2 billion users across the world – which means most adults you know are using it
* Around 44 million people  in the UK use Facebook (67% of the UK Population) and 86% of those users access Facebook via their mobile – which means they see your updates on the move
* 45% of Facebook users check Facebook several times day

And Facebook usage us not dropping – here are the recent stats from Q1 of 2018
– Facebook added 70 million daily active users to hit 1.45 billion
– User growth of 3.57% up on 2.18% in last quarter
– Both daily and monthly users up 13% year-over-year

In short – Facebook is a sure fire way to get in front of your customers

Over the past 12 months you’ll have heard the problems with Organic Facebook Reach

  • Not everybody who likes your pages will see your updates regularly
  • The news feed can be cluttered – it’s hard to break through
  • Organic Reach has gone down for many pages and this is due to treating the platform as a Broadcast Platform rather than a social platform

If we told you many of the clients we work with the reverse is the case – Facebook Page likes Are increasing and so is the Organic Reach on these pages

In 2018 it still is possible to use Facebook to promote your business effectively


  • Facebook Pages vs Facebook Groups – How To Use Both To Help Grow Your Business
  • Facebook Page Set Up and Profile Optimisation
  • How To Grow Your Facebook Page from Zero?
  • Organic Reach – How To Increase The Amount Of People Who See Your Posts Without Paying
  • Facebook Advertising – How to target your advertising to reach your target market precisely
  • Facebook Insights – How To Read Your Insights To Develop Strategy and Increase Return
  • Facebook Strategy – Developing Your Message aka What and When To Post
  • Developing a Testimonial Strategy
  • How to link Facebook with your offline / in store marketing

“Social Media – not for me – never used social media personally – horrifies me – so why should I use it for my business – is it worth it – what is the ROI. So I decided to bite the bullet and went to one of Alex’s training sessions. Came out full of confidence, lots of marketing ideas and more than enough knowledge to get me started. You can spend a lot of time searching the internet for help, but nothing beats professional 1:1 training. The time I would have spent researching the internet I feel more than covered the cost of the training. Yes, I would recommend Alex” Lynn Bryant, Release The Web

“I consulted Alex for more knowledge on using Twitter and Facebook and also how to use them effectively to promote my business. I found him extremely helpful and knowledgeable on the subject. I came away from my session with a clear strategy to follow and the confidence to implement it.

I know that I can contact him with any queries that I might come across at any time in the future. I would definitely recommend him to anyone else looking for social media training” Christine Blundell, Village Dancentre

Check our our Social Media Training page for available dates and book in a half days Social Media Training Session here

Any questions call Alex on 07806774279 or email alex@altrinchamhq.co.uk

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