Twitter Time - Is It Time Well Spent?


I had an interesting chat last week with a business owner at a networking meeting

The conversation wasn’t out of the ordinary to start with – quite often I have the “Social Media Isn’t Working For Me, I’ve been doing it for months and had no business” chat at networking events and they’re always very aware of how Social Media is working well for other local businesses

What was quite illuminating on this chat was the sheer amount of time said person was spending on Social Media Channels?


  • 1 Hour a Day
  • 7 Days a Week
  • 4 Months


  • 2000+ Twitter Followers
  • 500+ LinkedIn Connection
  • No Business


  • 112 Hours spent
  • £3360 worth of billable hours spent (based on an average of £30 per hour)
  • No Business


  • 56 2 hour business networking meetings
  • 6 months worth of adverts in the local weekly newspaper

Believe it or not the scenario above is not out of the ordinary, with many small businesses not comparing the same metrics of time and money, that they use for Traditional marketing, with Social Media.

If this sounds like you, we’d love to chat to you about Social Media Training and Social Media Management making your time on Social Media well spent

We have countless examples of local businesses spending less time  than the above example on Social Media and getting significant ROI from it

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