Earlier today we reached a landmark number – 2500 followers on twitter

Altrincham HQ is unique in that it’s a very hyper local twitter feed, we talk about social media, but the bulk of what we talk about is local issues affecting a small population of 60,000 people

There’s a lot of talk on twitter about quality over quality and we definitely agree – we actively monitor new followers that come in and block spam accounts so that we know the 2500 are all real users – if we could have had an open policy on twitter followers chances are we would have had 15,000+ followers, but with many of little value

What this means …

* Our 2500 are active highly engaged users from primarily Altrincham, but also surrounding areas such as Knutsford, Sale, Manchester

* We are the number 1 local twitter account that local users come to for information

* And if we can’t help we have an army of community supporters ready to step in and help on a RT

Twitter is a great tool for business, but it’s also a way to get actively involved in the local community

* How many things have you found out about Altrincham first on twitter?

* How many local businesses have you sought out off the back of a tweet?

* Have you moved to Altrincham recently and become part of the twitter community?

We’d be interested to hear what you consider a landmark number of followers? And obviously how you monitor new followers

Also it was mentioned at the Empty Shops Seminar recently at Manchester – would you consider a closed facebook group just for you local street? That is the most hyper local you can get and helps to build relationships with your closest neighbours 



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