Asda Supermarket - Broadheath, Altrincham

Asda Supermarket – Broadheath, Altrincham

Yesterday Altrincham HQ revealed (via our source on the ground Chris Reddy) that Asda were looking to open a new food store in Broadheath (just further up from the retail park for those that aren’t aware of George Richards way)

It’s probably created one of the biggest discussions we’ve had on our Facebook page and was the talk of twitter yesterday and guesstimating from the various tweets it would seem that around 60% are in favour with 40% against

Isn’t social media great for bringing together the local community and exchanging ideas with those across the whole town?

Here’s the press release information including the public exhibition this Friday so the public can see the full plans before they go for planning permission…

Asda - Broadheath, Altrincham - Map of proposed Location

Asda – Broadheath, Altrincham – Map of proposed Location


Property Alliance Group announces public consultation for new supermarket proposal

Trafford-based investment and development company, Property Alliance Group, has announced plans for a new foodstore and petrol station at George Richards Way in Broadheath. The site is currently home to a dated warehouse unit and the proposals will bring the land back into full economic use.

The new 40,000 sq ft net store would create over 300 jobs, with training available in skills such as butchery, bakery, grocery, logistics and general commercial management. Property Alliance Group will work with the retailer, Trafford Council and local Jobcentre Plus to ensure that the employees of the store are recruited from Broadheath, nearby areas and colleges.

The new store will increase choice and competition locally, creating a better deal for the customer.

Property Alliance Group is currently preparing a planning application for submission to Trafford Council. Ahead of this, members of the public are invited to view the proposals and discuss them with the development team at a public exhibition taking place on:

Friday 14 December 2012 between 3pm and 8pm
at St Albans Church Hall, Lindsell Road, Altrincham, Cheshire, WA14 5NX

A Property Alliance Group spokesperson said:
‘We are pleased to launch our public consultation which we hope will enable us to understand the community’s views on our plans and answer any questions that they may have.

‘These proposals represent a significant investment in Broadheath that will increase the choice of food retailers for residents and bring a good value foodstore to the local area creating hundreds of jobs.’

If residents are unable to attend the public exhibition or have any questions regarding the plans, they can contact the dedicated community information line on 0161 247 8417 or email

* Will it take footfall away from the main town centre… so far consensus is it will be healthy competition for Tesco’s and Sainsburys locally as well as Asda at Trafford Park rather than high streets

* Will traffic infrastructure stand up to another big store locally around the retail park / Park Road bottleneck

* Do we need another big store locally?

* How does this fit into the Altrincham Town Centre plans

Love to hear your feedback below as i’m sure the Property Group so post below or attend the public exhibition

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22 responses to “NEWS: Asda plan 40,000sq ft Supermarket in Broadheath Altrincham”

  1. If it were a direct replacement for Tesco in Altrincham I would say bring it on. In my opinion Tesco’s offer and pricing has become shoddy over the past few years. Don’t know if that’s the departure of Terry Leahy as CEO or the simple act of them trying to get more pips out of the orange.

    I think there is a market locally for another store as proved by the inability to currently find parking on an early December Tuesday lunchtime. This weekend is going to be hell. Obviously there is going to be a negative impact on local business and traffic but then again the competition’s there already in a similar guise. I guess they will close the non food outlet they have on the main retail park.

  2. Avatar Rick says:

    If that’s going to create more jobs then I’m for it

  3. Avatar cr says:

    I would welcome the plan, Tesco are far to expensive and the petrol station could offer some competition to local petrol stations. tesco have outpriced themselves and are really just as expensive as Sainsburys.

  4. Avatar Mandi says:

    Well were excited by the plans at Broadheath lets hope it happens soon.

  5. Avatar Elaine Bevan says:

    i do support the redevelopment of this site for a new Asda store. It will provide jobs and I have waited for ages for an ASDA store and petrol station to be brought to Altrincham saves me having to travel to Trafford Park if its on my doorstep

  6. it would be good if asda comes good for jobs and mor shopping choice just what we need and only 20 mins from partington , and good for fuel excellent

  7. Avatar julie casey says:

    cant wait it is just what we need more jobs and good food.

  8. Avatar Carolyn Forshaw says:

    I’m in favour of this: local jobs; healthy competition for other (more expensive) major retailers in the area; between this & Aldi, I’ll be able to do all my supermarket-food shopping locally without traipsing to Trafford Park (less fuel used!). Traffic is already an issue over to the Retail Park there – so something may need to be done to alleviate this.

  9. Avatar shalene taylor says:

    this sounds brillant, hope it get building very soon, i want to apply for a job

  10. Avatar ANTHONY WRIGHT says:


  11. Avatar Peter Rosendaal says:

    I am all for this new Asda in Broadheath. I don’t remember all this fuss when they plonked the expensive eye sore Waitrose near Sinderland Road which is more of a problem with the vast increase in traffic because of the fact it’s in a housing estate. Where Asda is proposed to be built is an industrial area. Knock down Waitrose and here here to Asda I say. Let the Hale snots have Waitrose on their door step!

  12. Avatar james says:

    How and where can i apply for it ? Thanks

  13. Avatar Tracey says:

    It’s about time Asda came here. I travel to go to an asda. Can’t stand tesco overpriced & bad quality. I love waitrose & sainsburys. Great to have the variety. If anything it will bring people into Alty to spend more money & not to mention job op. having more completion may make Tesco up there game & it’s beneficial all round

  14. Avatar chris says:

    We have been waiting for this for a long time, good job. I don’t shop at aldi I never liked it food the is rubbish. Hope asda brings the burger king with them like the one at moss side.

  15. Avatar Rob says:

    So its now October 2014 and not a sign of the new Asda ???

  16. Avatar how do I apply please says:

    Would like to apply for sales assistant please .. How do I apply

  17. Avatar Alex m says:

    I really don’t see the need for another tax avoiding supermarket when there is such a large number in the local area catering for all price ranges. As for quality Aldi gives far better quality for price as they accept a much lower profit margin. Petrol may be cheaper at the supermarket but is of a lower quality so you will get more miles out of that bought from a proper petrol station. There won’t be 300 jobs created, Asda may employ 300 people but there will be job losses elsewhere so it will more of a case of job relocation and it will be at the cost of the small business who actually contributes tax revenue to the country. Having worked at Asda aswell I have a perspective of what type of employer they are and some of the treatment of staff was awful. One of my colleagues was reprimanded for going on her dinner when she was doing an eleven hour shift because they hadn’t enough staff for her department. The positioning of the store will be just too much for wash way/ Manchester road to cope with and it will become a car park. This will therefore increase traffic on the surrounding residential streets including roads with schools on. So if you want to support an American tax avoiding company, cause the closure of local tax paying store and the migration of jobs whilst effectively building a wall across washway road then support the new Asda.

  18. Avatar mrs hatton says:

    Are you going ahead with this store, as it is now nearly 2015. We are all waiting for it

  19. Avatar liss says:

    Will it have a petrol station

  20. Avatar Paul says:

    Any updates as to when this store will officially open

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