I chanced upon the following tweet over the weekend

Anybody want to tell me what is wrong?

Stamford Quarter Twitter Fail

Stamford Quarter Twitter Fail

Thats right – for those outside of Altrincham – Thorntons in Altrincham closed over 4 months ago

I fully applaud shopping centres using Social Media to reinvigorate the high street – it’s a wise move as we’ve worked with retail outlets who say that 6 out of 10 new customers who walk through the door are there because of twitter – read the full blog here


When outsourcing Social Media to an Social Media Manager or marketing department that isn’t based on your premises it’s important the channel of communications flow both ways

In the Scenario above it’s clear that tweets have been based on the Stamford Quarter website, which still lists Thorntons as a going concern as well as the likes of Argos which have also left Altrincham Town Centre.

A lesson learnt as to why websites and Social Media accounts should be accurate and up to date

Want more info on Social Media For Retails – Click here




4 responses to “Shopping Centre Social Media Fails – Tweeting About Businesses That Are No Longer Are Open”

  1. Avatar melissa paxton says:


  2. Avatar Sid Moore says:

    Ooh! That’s not good!
    You would have thought the Stamford Quarter sales and marketing team would have talked to whoever was doing the social networking….

    • Alex Alex says:

      Sadly it seems they haven’t and just directed towards and out of date website

      When I work with clients on a management level we have monthly catch up and my inbox / mobile is always available between then for those who I don’t see weekly

  3. Avatar Carly says:

    Wow! I find it hard to imagine how they can think of fresh and relevant content without actually knowing what’s going on. Can’t be a very engaging or interesting feed to read and probably explains why they only have 12 followers!

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