Ok, I’m a little biased – I totally love twitter.

I love the opportunities it brings for small business. I love the fact that out of all the social networks it generates us more business than LinkedIn and Facebook. I love that things happen on Twitter in real time vs Facebook where there is what I jokingly call +1 because everything is delayed news

So often I meet Small Businesses where their only experience of twitter is setting up a Twitter account to then autopost from Facebook

(and when I see Social Media companies does it … I nearly have a Michael Douglas in Fallen Down moment)

So readers … this is why you should stop autoposting to Twitter From Facebook

2 Way Conversation
1. Twitter Is ALL About Engagement

Twitter is all about Engagement – those 2 way conversations that build stronger relationships which facilitate customer service and sound human

When you autopost from facebook to twitter you don’t get the opportunity to engage because you’re just in broadcast mode

Also you don’t get the chance to listen because you never actually log into Twitter itself.

95% of the businesses that opened locally in our home town i’ve heard about because I listen to the local town twitter search, engage, respond and other local businesses do the same. How many of those businesses could be great referrers or clients for your business and you don’t even know about them until your competition has

John Lewis Advert
2. Would you broadcast a TV Advert on Radio?

Think of probably the biggest adverts of the past few years – the John Lewis Christmas adverts for example

How much sense would the John Lewis advert make if you broadcast it exactly the same on radio as you did on TV?

Like TV and Radio, Twitter and Facebook have their own native ways of operating from length to structure of updates and autoposting from Facebook to Twitter is exactly the same as broadcasting the same from TV to Radio.

It’s too long, you can’t see the visuals and you miss half of the message

If you’re posting a message that doesn’t breakthrough on twitter, it’s pointless!!

Facebook Photos To Twitter
3. Facebook Photos Autoposted To Twitter = Tres Tres Annoying
One of the common reasons for not using twitter is that Facebook is more visual

Well Twitter 2015 is more visual than ever with Tweets with Photos / Images generating twice / 5 times the level of engagement depending on what report you read.

It’s also possible to post up to 4 photos with one tweet so you can have a mini gallery of images similar to how you would post on facebook

What happens when you autolink from Facebook to Twitter is what you can see on the image above – just a link notifying twitter users you have posted a photo without any of the captions / information that is displayed on Facebook

Best Time To Post On Social Media
4. Timing Matters

Timing is everything on Social Media – it’s the difference between success and failure

For example the prime lifespan of a tweet aka when somebody is going to reply, tweet, favourite etc is only 18 minutes on Twitter

It’s acceptable to post more often on twitter than it is on facebook

The best time to post on Facebook is not always the best time to post on Twitter

Love facebook – but struggle with Twitter

We offer training courses on both Facebook and Twitter

Social Media Training – Facebook
Social Media Training – Twitter

Any questions just call Alex on 07806774279 or email alex@altrinchamhq.co.uk

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