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Dear Altrincham

Please Please Please let me get what I want this time…

I work hard 6 days a week and this Easter Weekend I’m lucky enough to have both Easter Sunday and Easter Monday off a busy work schedule, but I’ve searched twitter and facebook high and low for events in Altrincham and I’m convinced Altrincham is closed for the weekend

Of all the restaurants, pubs and bars we have in this town – I’m sure we have more of these than we do shops at times – you’d think that there would be at least one event going on that would be different than watching the football with a few pints option, but alas seemingly not

Now I know I could wait for the local paper and see if anything is reported in there, but being the Easter Holidays our paper has not been delivered last night as normal and I’m left wondering if it will arrive or we’ll have a 2 week break until the kids are back at school

So what is a local boy supposed to do? I’m an event organiser when I’m not working with businesses in Altrincham on Social Media Training and I have 4 events myself between Thurs and Saturday in Manchester City Centre, which have been well promoted and know of many more to go to on the Sunday and Monday… but deep down I want to support local businesses and keep the money in the local community

If the Altrincham public could please tell us below what events are on this weekend, it would be appreciated. I know it’s the bars and restaurants themselves that should be actively promoting themselves offline and online, but we’re all in it together, so let’s get Altrincham busy this Easter Weekend

We’ll be tweeting and facebook sharing the best events so get involved

Alex @ Altrincham HQ



4 responses to “Altrincham Is Closed This Easter Weekend”

  1. Avatar bambi says:

    Good point !

    The Classroom is still running its easter sunday eggstravaganza from 8pm

    You can check out the event here on facebook:



  2. Avatar Kevin says:

    What we need is a local open air music event. An Altrincham and Timperley festival. We have the space and we definitely have loads of local bands and performers.

    I’ll even chuck £100 into the kitty to get an event started.

    Over to you, oh ‘voice of the people’!

  3. Avatar Sarah says:

    Events cost money and I think the lack of events in Altrincham this Easter clearly demonstrates how badly the local businesses are suffering. They cannot pay their suppliers let alone spend money on decorations and special menus when there is nobody in the town to attract. Where’s the big Easter market you should be asking, the Council-led Easter festivities? Nowhere! You can’t expect businesses to endlessly pour money into events when the town itself is so dead as its just a waste. Trafford Council has a lot to answer for in the neglect of this town.

  4. Alex Alex says:

    Kevin – ive ran quite a few music events in Altrincham / Sale in the past and all of them have sold out… so with time im looking to bring them back

    And Sarah agreed with the council-led Easter activities. An Easter Market would have been great and I wish they did more than just Taste Of Trafford

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