At the time of writing this blog #IWasGonnaFollowYouBut is the top trending subject on twitter, so what better time to look further than the obvious “you have an egg for a face” tweets that are filling much of these tweets and showcase some of our recent bugbears on twitter

My Top 10 #IWasGonnaFollowYouBut Tweets

#IWasGonnaFollowYouBut your 5000 followers were bought on and it shows

#IWasGonnaFollowYouBut your last few tweets have been autofeeds from a twitter newspaper like

#IWasGonnaFollowYouBut saw you joined a #followladder thread on a Sunday night

#IWasGonnaFollowYouBut you overuse 4sq and check in every single step you take

#IWasGonnaFollowYouBut you try to be all things to all people by only tweeting trending topics rather than your own personality

#IWasGonnaFollowYouBut the amount of hastags you use in each tweet would be max points on scrabble, but don’t flow as a sentence

#IWasGonnaFollowYouBut all your tweets are an rss feed from your blog

#IWasGonnaFollowYouBut you don’t support the local community and independents

#IWasGonnaFollowYouBut your twitter represents a business, but you use the phrase hun / babe / chick

#IWasGonnaFollowYouBut every engaged tweet with a follower drips in fake sincerity

Do you know tweeters like the above?

What are your twitter bugbears?

Comment below

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2 responses to “#IWasGonnaFollowYouBut – Twitter Bugbears”

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  2. Couldn’t have said better myself! My pet hate is x (kiss) from someone i don’t know at the end of every tweet! Grrrr!! Also long lists of #ff and no reason why to follow – and another #ff is a #ff to my new followers – how can you recommend your followers follow someone without knowing them that well!

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