At the time of writing this blog it’s 86 Days till the World Cup

And today Gillette launched their #InnerSteel limited edition Football Razor Campaign with Messi (watch here )

World Cup Marketing Fever has just kicked off … and if you’ve not already, it’s time to start thinking of your integrated online and offline marketing campaigns to tie in with the World Cup

* Does Your Audience Resonate With the World Cup / Football? It is a mass market event, but football is not for everyone or for every business
* How will you integrate online with offline marketing – both are important and need to be considered together
* What online content do you need in terms of images? (Remember it’s a month long so just 1 image won’t suffice)
* What are the print / distribution deadlines and when is the best time to push this out?

Ok, you’re a small business and not a national one – but Social Media has a life of its own

Read this great blog on World Cup Marketing Legals here

British Pub

You’ve probably already read our 5 Reasons Pubs Should Be Tweeting blog here – – if not read it before continuing!

So pubs and the World Cup are a natural fit – but a few things to think about

* What is unique about your pub to draw people in? MUFC and MCFC matches are one thing – but the World Cup brings in mainstream TV and pubs that wouldn’t normally show football into the equation. There is massive increase in competition!

* Do your customers know your opening hours for early / late matches?

* Which matches will you be showing when matches clash?

* Is it ticket / regulars only entrance for regulars during the England matches?

* What Real Ales / World Beers will you be offering to tie in with different matches?

* Are you planning to live tweet during the matches? If so how will you do this when your pub is busier than normal?

* What “extra” are you providing between games when it gets past the Group stages?

* In short your marketing needs to tell customers the Why, When and What You Are Doing Differently during the World Cup?

Essence Restaurant Altrincham

The stark reality is while pub and takeaways are likely to be busier during the World Cup, restaurants will suffer particularly when going against the England matches

* If you’re a restaurant that offers take away – do your customers know about this?

* If you’re looking to attract non-football fans, is your online reputation (i.e Tripadvisor) good enough to attract those looking to check out somewhere new?

* Are you planning any Brazilian / football related special dishes or full blown football menus?

* Do you open early for breakfast for the night after the late night matches?

* If distributing menus or flyers prior to the World Cup – will you be redesigning your menus or sending out the same old tired menus

Start Up Active No Excuses


“Get Fit Not Fat” during / after the World Cup should be the message from Personal Trainers / Gyms out there

Did you know that if you drank just 4 pints (Stella) a night every night on the 25 Days Of World Cup Matches you’d be having 24,400 calories in beer alone? That’s before the crisps, peanuts, takeaways are added into the equation

In terms of calorific consumption that’s probably up there with Christmas Period, so a perfect time for Gyms and Personal trainers to re-market their services mid-year

Brazil Flag
There are many ways non-obvious businesses can get involved in talking about the World Cup – but my biggest advice is to Be Authentic and keep the marketing true to yourself or your brand

Don’t join in just for the sake of it – There Are Many Other Opportunities To Market Your Business

And indeed there are countless unique opportunities before the World Cup comes along in June

I’d advise other businesses to read this archive blog about being authentic … or as I put “Don’t Be The Emma Bunton of Social Media” –


We can help advise on dates for offline marketing distribution as well as key online dates – but here are the dates you need to be thinking about

15th May – 4 weeks to the day to the start of The World Cup
12th June – 1st Match Of the World Cup
14th June – 1st England Match
8/9th July – Semi Finals
13th July – World Cup Final 2014
Full Fixture List –

Altrincham HQ offer an integrated approach to your marketing and would love to chat about Online Marketing Campaigns for the World Cup

Call us on 07806774279 or email

For local design we recommend Altrincham Design Studio and for print we recommend Holt Business Solutions – we work closely with these 2 businesses to ensure the online and offline marketing remains consistent

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  1. really i like your concept…this is a good idea..

    • Alex Alex says:

      Thanks Martin – will you be using it for your own personal training marketing strategy. Was over in Australia a couple of years back and the Aussie’s are a lot more health conscious that us Brits

  2. […] a group fitness class or a personal training program associated with soccer. According to the Altrincham HW blog,  if you drink 4 pints of beer every night for the 25 nights of World Cup, you’ll consume 24,400 […]

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