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It’s the one question I often ask of businesses when talking about marketing

Would you put together an advert for the local newspaper without design experience?

The answer is always a resounding “no, if my design work represented my business, it would destroy my business”

I then question, well why with no marketing or Social Media experience, do you dabble with Social Media, surely that isn’t best representing your business in the best possible light?

I get a lot of mixed responses to that question, from people who it suddenly dawns on them that social media isn’t just a plaything, but a serious business marketing tool, to businesses who still say they’ll keep playing with it as they’ll get it right eventually

The points i’m making are 

  • Social Media is marketing and just as serious as traditional advertising
  • It’s often the first impression people get of your business and can make or break reputations
  • How you use it says a lot about how you operate in business
  • Your Social Media accounts for business are not to be confused with the casual nature of your personal accounts
  • Social Media Platforms may be free to sign up to – the cost is both time and potential lost business if used the wrong way

As somebody who trains businesses in Social Media and manages Social Media accounts for other businesses, i’m sympathetic that not everybody knows who to use Social Media the right way, but the general public (and your potential customers) are less so and expect you to be as savvy a marketer as you are in your core business

There is only one chance to get that first impression right

If you need to chat about getting more out of your Social Media Marketing

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2 responses to “Would you put together an advert for the local newspaper without design experience?”

  1. Must say social media, in particular Twitter, has brought and introduced us to some fantastic contacts and also got our name out there. Put us in touch with people who we wouldn’t necessarily of got in touch with. It’s changing the way people are networking as well, it’s a quick intro and then there’s the option to follow up with an informal chat and a coffee. Through Twitter and LinkedIn we have increased our client base to around 70% over the last 6 months. I’d say that’s pretty positive!

    • Alex Alex says:

      Great work Geoff

      Those are the sort of results you can get with focuses social media that links in with the offline world of networking (aka coffee and chats)

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